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Whether you need a single-sided board using wire-ended components, or a multi-layer board using surface mount components, Beech Hill Electronics, based in Reading, Berkshire UK, can design it for you.

PCB design is more than just a matter of laying out the components on the printed circuit board. Careful attention to the positioning of components and the routing of tracks, and the use of power planes can dramatically affect the performance and reliability of your circuit by minimising noise , distortion and crosstalk, and the ability of your product to meet EC directives relating to safety and electromagnetic emissions and imunity.

Clear and accurate annotation of the PCB can ease the assembly process and minimize the risk of incorrect component placement.

Sophisticated design rule checking ensures that the PCB design matches the schematic.

The files produced by the PCB Design software include the industry standard Gerber and Excellon files acceptable by all PCB manufacturers, layout diagrams, schematic and bill of materials.

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