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Beech Hill Electronics is a small family business based in the village of Beech Hill near Reading in Berkshire UK. The company is run by Peter and David Simpson and was established in 1992. Pprior to that date, both Peter and David had had many years of experience in the field of defence and medical electronics as electronic and software engineers.

Our small size enables us to offer a personal service to every one of our customers.This means that you always get to speak to someone with a detailed knowledge of your project. We work closeley with our customers at every stage of the development, putting forward our own suggestions where we feel they may enhance your product, so that you and your customers get a product which meets, or even exceeds, your and their expectations.

Our services range from designing the electronic circuit, drawing up the schematic, laying out the printed circuit board, and writing any software needed for microprocessors, programmable logic devices, or any PC software you may need for controlling your equipment. We have limited PCB assembly facilities ourselves, but have close relationships with a number of local companies which specialize in this type of work, or we can provide you with all the files and documentation to enable you to have the circuit boards manufactured and assembled yourselves.

Minimizing Electrostatic emissions and susceptibility are important considerations in all electrical and electronic equipment. Not only is it an EC requirement, but it ensures that your product works safely and reliably. Rather than having to take remedial action once the circuit is designed and built to achieve compliance, we take these factors into consideration at every stage of the design process. We can also assist you in getting your equipment tested for compliance by a "Recognized Compitant Body".

The use of reprogrammable microprocessors and logic devices in your design can not only increase the functionality of your product, but means that design changes, product updates and design variants can be achieved simply by reprogramming the circuit. This can not only reduce costs and time to market, but can also reduce waste, which is good for the environment.

As we are experienced in both hardware and software design, and have the specialist skills in programming logic devices, we are well placed to make your product a market leader.

Below are just some of the companies we have worked with.
Design of scientific instruments for Safe Training Systems Ltd
Design of Multi-media switching equipment for Scion Technology Ltd.
Design of a shower pump controller for Watermill Products Ltd

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