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Our Electronic design team, based in Reading Berkshire UK, has had many years of experience designing both analog and digital circuits in a wide range of applications and so are well placed to help you achieve a product which meets or even exceeds your expectations.

This involves careful selection of the right components for the job, and designing the circuit so that all components work well within their specifications, resulting in reliable and consistent operation of your equipment.

The use of reprogrammable microprocessors and logic devices in your electronic design, means that highly complex circuitry can be fabricated into a small space, and can dramatically reduce costs, waste and time to market as any design changes can be achieved simply by reprogramming the device.

Compliance with EC regulations relating to safety, electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility are a requirement for any electronic design. These factors are taken into account at every stage of the design, ensuring safe and relyable operation of your product without the need for costly remedial work and re-testing.

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